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How It Works

Forget the headache, hassle, and stress of hiring on your own. 

We hop on a call to understand your needs and place you with a highly trained VA in less than 5 days. 

You even get your own account manager with experience running administration and operations for +7 figure businesses. They'll be there to support you and your VA every step of the way which means less management and answering questions for you, giving you EVEN MORE time back in your business.

Tell Us What Skillsets Are Most Important

We'll do all the searching, you just have to let us know what kind of person you're looking for, and what kind of skillsets you want them to possess. With an Avenger Admin you'll be able to get back 5-20 hours per week just by delegating things like: 

Social Media Content Distribution 

Funnels Maintenance

Email Marketing & Automation 

 Client Support & Fulfillment 

 Project & Team Management 

 Process and Systems Maintenance 

 Reporting, Accounting, & Analytics 

 Video Editing & Graphic Design

 Lead Generation 

 and more!

Meet Your "A-Team" Player 

Within 5 days we'll provide you with up to 3 different VA profiles to select from that explain each person's:

 Previous work experience and skills relevant to their role 

 Personality test results to make sure they fit the team dynamic 

Start Working With Your New Virtual Assistant

Once you've selected your new Admin we get started working on your business! 

 You are officially introduced to your Account Manager and new Virtual Assistant 

 We get any necessary logins, resources, and tasks off your plate ASAP

 Your account manager oversees your VA's work, and assists with any feedback or questions 

Let's Put This Into Perspective...

Hiring On Your Own

YOU have to post a job ad 

 YOU Have To Verify Resumes

 YOU Have To Conduct Interviews

 YOU Have To Decide who to hire 

 YOU Have To train them on basic software

 YOU Have To answer all their questions 

 YOU Have To replace them if they don't workout

YOU have to put in an average of 36 days 
that's over 100 hours!

Hiring An Avenger

wE post a job ad 

 WE Verify Resumes

 WE Conduct Interviews

 YOU Decide who to hire 

 WE Help To train them on basic software

 WE Help answer their questions 

 WE replace them if they don't workout

YOU have to put in 1 hour while we do the rest 

We all know that time is money. So save yourself up to 99 hours and let us take hiring your next virtual Assistant off your plate.

More Of Who We've Worked With

Our Avengers help entrepreneurs free up countless hours for entrepreneurs just like you so that you can focus on scaling instead of stressing. No more hustle or overwhelm.























Stop Trying To Scale Solo And Start Building Your Team

If you don't grow your team, you won't grow your business

Don't be your own biggest roadblock

Who is Amber (aka Dropset Gorgeous)?

Amber Morningstar is the incredibly dynamic and successful CEO of Dropset Gorgeous LLC. Recognized for her leadership skills and ability to give direction, her efforts have turned struggling businesses into lucrative entities, which has helped to create a brand that is quickly on the rise. 

Born in the suburbs of Oakville, Ontario, Morningstar is an expert in hiring and corporate sales, with a BSC in Psychology in Neuroscience. She’s also a leader in the digital marketing industry and has made waves in the bodybuilding and fitness world, competing in various competitions. Her passion for fitness is the inspiration for her company’s name and identity. As a successful online fitness coach, she began to expand her reach and work with other entrepreneurs looking to systemize their businesses. Within 8 months of working with an entrepreneur who needed her assistance, Morningstar was able to increase his company’s sales from $1.6mil to $3million. 

Though her victories are many, her passion for helping others grow is what ultimately helped to mold her into the sharp entrepreneur that she is today. She knows that no matter how good someone is at what they do, they need the support of others to maximize their potential. She defines her own personal success as the ability to being in a position to help others. Her go against the grain, fun loving attitude makes her well liked and respected among her team.

Today, Morningstar is helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses by building rockstar teams and assisting in system development through her mentorship program Leverage Multiplier. 

Questions You May Have...

 Are your admins located on-shore or off-shore?

All Avenger Admins are off-shore team members. However they go through the same vetting process as our sister company Online Hiring Hub to ensure they are fully qualified to be an Avenger Admin. They also go through a training process to ensure they are familiar with common industry tech stacks, processes and more. 

 What if I don't like the VA?

Oh no! No worries we'll make it right. If your VA is not working out how you had hoped we will provide a new VA at no additional cost. Keep in mind you get to vet your VA before starting to work with them. We put a lot of work in up front to understand your needs, your brand and your team culture to find you the best fit (it's rare that we don't get it right but if it happens we'll make sure it's fixed)!

 Do you offer part-time and full-time support?

Yes! We understand that every business has different needs and those needs can change at any time. We offer a variety of package options and allow clients to upgrade their package at any point in time. We would pro-rate the difference if you chose to increase hours mid-month. Downgrading can only happen at the start of a new month. 

 What timezones are Avenger Admins available for?

They are flexible and able to work within your business' preferred timezone and availability requirements.  

 I don't have systems and SOPs in place already is that okay?

YES! SOPs are ideal but not required for an admin to get started supporting you in your business.  

  Do I have to train my VA?

On basic tasks, software etc. - nope!

However, they will need to be trained on your specific way of working, any systems or processes you currently have in place. Every business is unique so they will need to be shown how you like things to be done in order to execute correctly. 

  What do you mean I don't have to train them on 'basic stuff'?

Basic administrative tasks such as answering emails, working with project management software, creating and maintaining excel sheets etc. 

We also provide training on how to use common software such as ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, Typeform, Zapier, Click Up, GoogleDrive and more. 

  What are the contract terms?

We believe that you should only work with us if we are making your life easier. You are free to cancel at any point as your contract will be month to month. If you choose to cancel we will off-board at the end of the current month. 

 Are there any hidden fees?

Nope! We do not charge any processing fees, on-boarding fees or otherwise. The package you select will be the only monthly fee associated with your service.

  What makes you different from other VA services out there?

We care about your success and actively work on your behalf to help you find valuable team members who want to see you win just as much as we do. Our vetting process is extremely extensive - we only accept 1% of applicants and review hundreds of applications per week to make sure you're working with the best team members possible. We also provide all VAs with exclusive access to our support community. All VAs will receive continued education & training on the latest software, systems and processes in the industry as well as have a network of internal team members to support and troubleshoot issues they may run into while working with your company.

  How quickly can I get started?

We can pair you with a VA within 3-5 business days!

  Do you have a referral program?


  How will I get paid?

You will be paid bi-weekly on Wednesdays. If you are within the United States you will be paid direct deposit but if you are an international freelancer you will be paid with an alternate wire transfer service. 

  What/who is Dropset Gorgeous?

Dropset Gorgeous LLC is the parent company to Avenger Admins. It is also the 'IG name' of our Founder Amber Morningstar. You can learn more about her above in the "Who Is Amber" section of our website. 

We Specialize In Helping CEOs Work ON Their Business Instead Of IN It

We don't know who needs to hear this but... if you keep acting like a contractor in your own business you're not going to scale to your full potential. Every minute you spend on a "Non-CEO" task is a minute lost scaling your business.

And That's A Fact.


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